Our identity is extremely important. It defines who we are, what we act and look like, and also the purpose we have in life. For most people, they associate their identity with what they do. Think about it: when growing up, the number one question you were probably asked was “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Without realizing it, this question shapes in the minds of children that their identity is found in the career they choose to pursue. I know for me, that’s what I thought my identity relied on. The danger with this is that it was never God’s intent for us to define who we are by what we do. That’s why He sent Jesus to free us from the law. If we base who we are on what we do, then we will never be good enough, and that’s the lie the Devil wants us to believe. Sadly, the amount of Christians that find their identity in what they do is growing larger each day. Our lives cannot be defined by the jobs or titles we hold, they must be defined by the life we discover in Christ. In Colossians 3:3, it says that our lives are now hidden in Christ. What a great adventure this scripture proposes to us. All we have to do to find who we are is to find out who Christ is. This is liberating! Since our identities are found in the One who created us, we do not have to strive to become someone - we simply just discover who we are meant to be.

Blog by: Olivia Barton