Destiny is what you were determined to have or achieve beforehand. The truth is that it will not be handed to us. Instead, one of the beauties of life is we get to discover it, making the mystery and our victory sweeter.  There are some steps we can take to assure we fulfill our destiny.

Prayer - Prayer is simply communication with our Father. This is when we speak to Him about everything and also when we listen to the “Wisdom of the Ages”. Something amazing happens as we take time daily to be with the One who loves us! Our hearts began to beat with the rhythm of His, His thoughts become our thoughts, His will becomes ours. The Holy Spirit, which is the Spirit of God and Jesus, lives in us and as our hearts and minds change so will our choices. It will affect every area of our lives. Our appetites for music, books, tv, and friendships will change as will the way we treat others.  This secret place is our place of victory or lack of it; our defeat.

Planning – Planning, delegating, and executing are the keys to success. Bow hunters have a target they practice with before they ever leave for a hunt. They will set up a paper target with multiple circles and practice hitting the center of the target. Without a “target” then we are shooting arrows in the air and not hitting anything. If we have a target then we can know when we are aiming in the right direction. So it is critical to “have a target”. We need to have some sense of where we are going so we can head in that direction.  Delegating is often hard because we want to “control” our destinies, but micromanaging is a waste of time and over control is an illusion. Releasing control is freeing and allows others to use their gifts and frees us to perform what we are more gifted in. If we are to have laser-like focus with our gifting then we need to learn to delegate the areas we are not as gifted in. Execution is critical. We can plan, dream, and want something, but without the training and hard work it takes to get there, then we will not be successful and will usually fall when we arrive from lack of preparation. Don’t skip steps to avoid maturity or acquiring the information or skills we need to do the job God has called us to do.

Waiting - This may be the hardest and least exciting part of our journey to success. The days when it seems nothing is happening and God has forgotten, but be assured He has not! He is moving and strategically aligning on our behalf and for His perfect purpose. This is the time to build our faith muscles, remain faithful, and find ways to serve.

Worshiping – Learning to truly worship is a place you will begin to SOAR in your destiny.  A true worshiper will remain at peace, no matter the circumstance, trusting God will work it out for His good and our benefit. An attitude of worship is being thankful, grateful, and remaining humble and will take us and keep us effective in Christ’s work.  Worship is more than music and raising your heart and hands, but it is a lifestyle. Worship is simply submitting to God with an attitude HE is Lord and we give Him full access to our lives.
Selah is a word in the Bible that is used seventy-four times in the Hebrew Bible, seventy-one times in Psalms and three times in Habakkuk. The word selah simply means: calmly think on this or pause and reflect on this. May you “selah” in prayer, planning, waiting and worshiping. And may you fulfill ALL God has designed you for.

Blog by: Gini Vielman