Every moment is full of purpose...

The chapel experiences at Impact University are like no other. Every week, people full of God's spirit and potential gather together to press deep into the presence of the Holy Spirit. Gifts and callings, destiny and purpose, the confirmation and commissioning of eternally thought of and crafted beings all being pressed by God's anointing: there is nothing more beautiful, nothing more full of splendor. Every moment is full of purpose. 


  • Each student is given the opportunity to serve and to develop and grow their gifts, individual character and confidence being at the forefront of their development. Your anointing will only take you as far as your character will keep you.
  • We strive to direct students to that place of character where they will flourish and operate in the anointing on their lives, without losing ground or progress.
  • Will you fail? Absolutely. Chapel is a place of safety where noble failure is celebrated. Hey, even Peter sank.