Undergraduate Degrees

Impact University currently offers an Associate, Bachelor's, and Master's degrees with course study in Pastoral Ministry, Christian Counseling, Biblical Theology, and Worship. Our degree programs ingrain the necessary academic training for success, but also lend themselves to instill practical, applicable principles that can be used in every day life. Each course is designed to draw out gifts and to confirm destiny. 

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The Pastoral Ministry Study Program fuses leadership, ministry logistics, counseling, worship and theology into a program that not only prepares you for the spiritual, but the practical, hands-on, day-to-day of ministry. 

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The Christian Counseling Study Program at Impact University is one of purpose. Counseling students receive spiritual insight into the practical theories and process of Biblical counseling. It abounds in the area of knowledge given, and reaches that much more in the areas of discipleship and training. 


The Biblical Theology Study Program dives deep into the Word of God. This program spends time hermeneutically and exegetically expounding on the history and the truth of the OT and NT scriptures. 



The Worship Study Program is a fusion of practical tools, musicality, creativity, and God's presence. (This program runs parallel with the Pastoral Ministry program for some of its curriculum.)

Graduate Degrees


Impact University currently offers Master's degrees in Theology and in Christian Counseling. These programs push students to apply all that they learned during their undergrad years into a work of higher learning and education.