Impact University Global

Global Training Certificate Program

The Global Training Certificate Program is designed to provide short-term training for holistic ministry in multicultural settings and among vulnerable populations.  It is designed especially for foreign nationals who desire additional Christian leadership training from our North Carolina university, including in foreign ministry and outreach strategies.  Eligible applicants will have demonstrated leadership and initiative in their home communities. In addition, they will demonstrate a commitment to return to serve their home communities.

Each trainee will develop 21st Century leadership skills with a Biblical worldview.  Together, the trainee and his/her advisor develop an individualized plan that includes basic courses, specialized preparation in areas of personal excellence, and practical experience. Our North Carolina Christian leadership training and development program focuses on planning, management, accountability, and ethical program administration in target communities.  The program draws from counseling, theology, worship, and pastoral ministry courses in the standard curriculum.  In addition, practical learning provides opportunities to hone administrative skill in day-to-day operations and future casting for multi-faceted, nonprofit and non-governmental organizations and institutions.

Regardless of which mountain of influence in which they operate, trainees develop skills that promote sustainable, promising futures for community engagement and nation-building.  They explore strategies to build followership, consensus, goal-setting, and goal achievement. Upon graduation from our North Carolina Christian leadership training and foreign ministry program, trainees exit the program better prepared to use their gifts, talents, and expertise to serve those least engaged, marginalized, and often forgotten.  Graduates are better equipped to assist their communities and country in facing dramatic challenges, stresses, and stressors in this age and to foster hope for better tomorrows.

Everything rises and falls on leadership!

At Impact University, you will receive practical Christian leadership training at our North Carolina college that builds 21st Century leadership skills with Christian ethics, integrity, and compassion.

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