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Impact University is a Christian college located in North Carolina, offering ministry courses and training. Our programs are designed to help future leaders discover and step into their purpose.

Our classroom environments and internship opportunities are designed in a way that true discipleship is at the forefront of your learning experience. Discovery is a major part of stepping into your calling and IU is set up in a way that encourages and cultivates discovery.

As part of a vast community of believers, each of us has a specific role to play in furthering the Kingdom of God. The ministry courses and training at our North Carolina Christian college, are designed to help each student hone in on their specific gifts so that those talents and leadership qualities can be further developed. With Christ at the center of everything we do, our hope is that every individual who comes through Impact University learns their best leadership strengths in order to continue building on that foundation. 

In addition to understanding our strengths, it’s also vital that we confront our weaknesses so that we can become more well-rounded leaders. With no blind spots in our character, our desire is to cultivate a culture where self-discovery goes hand-in-hand with our pursuit of the presence of God. As we endeavor to learn about our own strengths and weaknesses in leadership, we’re leaning into what He’s revealing and walking into His unique calling for our lives. What could be more exciting?


At Impact University, you will gain the experience needed to be successful in life and in ministry.

At Impact University, our students receive not only knowledge – but experience as well. The instructors at our North Carolina Christian college are pastors and leaders in their local churches. From that abundance of experience, they share their wisdom in the classroom through practical application and discussion.  In addition, students have the option to intern in many different areas of ministry, gaining hands-on experience.

At Impact University, we’re all about growing in ministry as you learn more about biblical leadership. Our leadership college focuses on connecting each student with the ministry focus for which they’re best suited. The invaluable, hands-on experience that is gained through our leadership college ministry internships will be crucial for each students’ next steps. 

Our ministry interns are given the opportunity to serve in the church as they’re learning vital biblical truths and foundational spiritual values. What’s not to love about serving God in ministry while simultaneously learning more about Him?


Impact University is centered around the concept of community.

Impact University is passionate about creating and establishing a Kingdom-minded community. Nothing creates stronger bonds than pursuing God and advancing the Kingdom together. We provide opportunities to connect in our ministry courses and training through class discussions, group projects, outreach opportunities, and worship. The faculty and staff at our North Carolina Christian college are committed to developing this community for the glory of God.

We were never meant to go through this life alone — our pursuit of the presence of God is something that we do in community as much as individually. At Impact University, we understand the value of connecting with other believers, whether that means learning from mentors, fellowshipping with ministry partners, or worshipping with brothers and sisters in Christ. When you enroll in our North Carolina Christian college, you’ll become a valuable part of a family, our family, and we can’t wait to connect with you! 


Impact University has Gear.

Impact University is excited to now offer ImpactU Gear!  We offer Hoodies, Polo, T-shirts, and onesies ranging from sizes small to 5xl, and in our school colors: red, black, and gray.  We have hats of all styles, water bottles, and coffee mugs.  Show your school unity by wearing your exclusive ImpactU Gear! Shop now!