Pastoral Ministry

Pastoral Minstry

Full-time vocational ministry is a calling that is unique to any other. It’s easy for outsiders to attend church and believe that preaching once per week is all that goes into being a full-time minister of the Gospel. However, there’s so much more to it. Ministry is a calling that goes beyond the doors of the church, has hours outside of the traditional nine-to-five, and can have quite a broad job description. After all,  shepherding can look quite different from one day to the next. 

For this reason, the Pastoral Ministry training program at our college in North Carolina is uniquely designed for those who think that they are called to full-time, vocational ministry. Combining all aspects of ministry learning, our students will receive a multi-faceted experience as they delve into what it means to be a full-time minister. Students involved in our Pastoral Ministry program will gain a deeper understanding of pastoring through learning about leadership, ministry logistics, theology, worship, and counseling. At Impact University in North Carolina, our greatest hope for our Pastoral Ministry Training program students is that they walk away with spiritual and practical resources to help them be successful. We hope they will have a deeper understanding of ministry, a greater love for people, and a solid purpose for moving forward to fulfill God’s calling in their lives.

There’s no greater feeling than boldly walking into God’s calling for you. Surrendering to His will — no matter what that is — can bring about untouchable joy in your heart and give you a sense of peace like nothing else can. If you think that the Pastoral Ministry Training Track  at North Carolina’s Impact University is the right program for you, we would love to talk with you more! Contact us today to learn more about this amazing program. 

Everything rises and falls on leadership!

At Impact University, you will receive practical training that builds 21st Century leadership skills with Christian ethics, integrity, and compassion.

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