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Our Programs

Day Program

Our Day Program is designed to train and equip individuals with practical and spiritual knowledge and wisdom. We are ready and able to help our students discover their purpose and to empower them for ministry.

Three types of students benefit from our Day Program: those certain that they want to go into full-time ministry, those looking to solidify their doctrinal foundation for life, and those who are unsure of the next steps towards their destiny.

Evening Program

If going to Bible school has been your dream, but you work or have other conflicts during the day, we offer an Evening Program. This Program gives you the opportunity to experience everything Impact University offers, while maintaining family commitments and job responsibilities.

Online Program

For those who want to pursue their education at Impact University but need the flexibility of location and schedule, our Online Program is for you! Many online programs expect you to be completely self-taught. However, Impact University Online includes active pastoral mentoring and training by our faculty and staff. Come be a part of our online community!

Executive Leadership Program

The Executive Leadership Program is for Senior Pastors looking to advance themselves and their church. This program will walk you through Pastor Whitfield’s Leadership teachings of Organize, Culture, Strategy, and Action. Develop yourself into the leader God has called you to be and take your staff and your church to the next level.


This one-year certificate program is designed to amplify the gifts God has placed on the inside of you. With a foundation of Theology and Leadership, our program focuses on practical training for ministry. Students in this program have the opportunity to choose from four tracks: Worship, Pastoral Ministry, and Theology. In addition, students are involved in internships. Skills gained in internship are beneficial in both ministry and the secular job market.

*All classes taken during the Gap Year program are transferable to our four year Christian degree program at our North Carolina university.

Current internship areas:

  • Media
  • Worship
  • Administration
  • Student Ministries
  • Outreach
  • Facilities Management
  • Discipleship
  • Marketing

Undergraduate Degrees

Pastoral Ministry

Pastoral Ministries is a calling that requires commitment, compassion, integrity, and passion. It is much more than what is seen on Sunday mornings. The Pastoral Ministry Program here at Impact University fuses leadership, ministry logistics, worship and theology to establish well-rounded pastors.  Our North Carolina University’s Christian degree program for Pastoral Ministry not only prepares you for the spiritual, but the practicalities of day-to-day ministry.

Sample Classes: Executive Leadership, Ministry of Prayer, Christ the Healer, Church Finance and Law, Spiritual Warfare, Methods of Bible Study, Excellence in Character

Career Opportunities: Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor, Associate Pastor, Youth Pastor, Children’s Pastor, Worship Pastor, Missions

Gap Year

Are you graduating High School and have no idea what you want to do or be or study? Impact University’s Gap Year Program is for you. Take a year of classes ranging from technology, marketing, worship, finance, and more.

This Gap Year is a year for you to breathe and discover what your passion is and what God is calling you to do. Get a chance to learn from professors who are actively working in each area and get practical experience to help you in your next phase of life.

We can’t wait to see what God will do through you as you find your place in the Body of Christ.

Biblical Theology

The Biblical Theology Study Program dives deep into the Word of God. This program spends time expounding on the history and the truth of the Old and New Testament scriptures. Learn how to apply the truths of God’s Word to your life.

Sample Courses: Executive Leadership, New Testament Survey,Greek I and II, Hermeneutics, Church History, Pastoral Epistles, Romans

Career Opportunities: Teacher, Scholar, Missions Work, Writer


The Worship degree at Impact University is designed for those who feel called to lead others in worship, on and off stage. David had a heart after God and was called upon to help soothe the king because of his skill. Our students learn to hone their worship-leading, musicianship, and tech skills while simultaneously creating a lifestyle of worship.

Sample Courses: Executive Leadership, Worship leading, Keyboard, Guitar, Song Writing

Career Opportunities: Worship Pastor, Associate Worship Pastor, Musician, Worship Leader, Recording Artist, Music Teacher, Worship Director

Graduate Degrees

Impact University currently offers Master’s degrees in Theology. Our North Carolina University’s Christian degree programs are designed to empower students with a deeper understanding of Biblical principles. Graduates are better equipped for the work of the ministry and the building up of the body of Christ.