Biblical Leadership

Biblical Leadership

Biblical Leadership – Thoughts from an Impact Student

The call to ministry is an honor, one that should not be taken lightly. Having received that call to ministry, I see the landscape; much like a surveyor does before making a map, to see the hills and valleys one in ministry could encounter when walking the path set before them by God. Or like Moses sending a reconnaissance team to promised land to take inventory, I have been granted the opportunity to see what must be done and how. Many Pastors and teachers have caused many to question the place of our Heavenly Father in this world and the world to come, by making promises and predictions that, at best are just misplaced and misunderstood interpretations and at worst are paramount to scamming and theft. 

“Everything rises and falls on leadership”

In the first book of Corinthians, the 11th chapter, Paul reprimands the church and its leadership for failing to cultivate an environment of unity amongst the believers, and allowing them to separate and divide themselves by class and wealth. This lack of unity is an insult to the sacrifice Christ made, which Paul says is the reason many among them were sick and even dying. Everything rises and falls on leadership. Thanks to Impact University, my fellow students and I have had the opportunity to gain leadership skills, ethical standards, and biblical morality that will only serve to enhance our scriptural knowledge and understanding.

Author: Lance Williams – Impact University Current Student

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